About This Site

On Behalf of All

This is a simple blog with the express purpose of promoting the Orthodox Christian faith.

Most of the contributors to this website are converts to Orthodoxy from other religions or forms of Christianity, and all of us live in the “diaspora”—that is, in places where Orthodoxy is relatively new, and the result of both immigration and missionary efforts.

This site began several years ago as my own personal blog, where I would share thoughts and reflections from theological studies, scripture, and my conversion journey from Protestantism to the Orthodox Faith. Over the years, it has evolved in both focus and scope. I am now joined by many other people who have gone on similar-but-different journeys of faith, and the blog is richer for it.

There are many websites devoted in some way to Orthodox Christianity on the Internet. It is quite the mixed bag. In fact, there are more sites that either misrepresent or even attack Orthodoxy—under the guise, perhaps, of “scholarship” or other pretenses—than there are positive, encouraging, and faithful sites representing the beauty and richness of the Orthodox faith. We hope that On Behalf of All is the latter; a place that actually embraces, celebrates, and positively promotes the Orthodox faith, in contradistinction to both heterodoxy and heresy.

I pray that this would be a place of encouragement and inspiration to you, and that you would leave here feeling more deeply drawn to the mystery of our ancient Church. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.