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On Behalf of All

On Behalf of All does not grant permission to any other website to re-post, in full, any of the content on this domain. Doing so is a violation of Internet copyright etiquette, and doing so without first asking permission is just plain rude. (Here’s some ideas on how to share other people’s content without legal ramifications.)

If you would like to ask permission to share our material in full, please use our contact form (however, permission is unlikely).

If you would like to reference any content on this site, please do so with an excerpt (no more than three paragraphs, or one paragraph less than the article, if the article itself is three paragraphs or shorter), along with a clear, legible, and obvious link back to the original content on this domain.

The primary reason for this rule is not to be mean or restrict the audience of our material, but for our own right of continual editing, revision, and modification of content, as necessary (which would not then be updated on its various forms across the Internet).

We appreciate your kindness, charity, and cooperation with these parameters.

—On Behalf of All