Book Preview: The Old Testament in Eastern Orthodox Tradition

On Behalf of All - Book Preview

This month, Oxford University Press is releasing The Old Testament in Eastern Orthodox Tradition, the latest publication by Fr. Eugen J. Pentiuc. Fr. Eugen was born and raised in Romania, where he began his theological education despite the shadow of communist oppression. He has since received graduate degrees from both Harvard University (M.A., Ph.D.) and the […]

Visual Heresy – An Evangelical on the Iconography of God the Father

Visual Heresy

This article was originally published on the Orthodox Arts Journal. My priest recently sent me a link to a talk (posted below) given by Matthew J. Milliner, an assistant professor of art history at Wheaton College, which was quite astounding to me.  The talk tackles two subjects quite adroitly, two subjects, which Orthodox thinkers have addressed for […]

Faiyum Mummy Portraits and Byzantine Iconography

Faiyum Oasis

Modern historians are prone to examining history from a largely dialectical or “evolutionary” standpoint. The history of iconography in the Christian tradition has also been subjected to such scrutiny, and especially by iconoclasts or those skeptical regarding both the early origins and adoption of sacred images (and their veneration) in the Christian Church. For example, […]

Is There Really a Patristic Critique of Icons?

Is There Really a Patristic Critique of Icons?

Part One Introduction Steven Wedgeworth, Assistant Pastor of Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Clinton, Mississippi, has recently written a post at The Calvinist International against the Christian use of icons. In this post, he proposes to “counter-balance” the evidence in favor of icons and their veneration with evidence to the contrary. The reason, as he puts […]

An Icon Speaks a Thousand Words

An Icon Speaks a Thousand Words

Ouspensky notes that the use of iconography within the Church is not for the sake of self-expression or the enumeration of opinions, but for the preservation of the essential truths of the faith itself. This is no different, really, than the role of the various writings of Church fathers, the ecumenical councils, or the holy […]

Iconography and the Art of Rewriting History

Iconoclasm and the Art of Rewriting History

Iconoclasm has aways been an integral part of revolution. When revolution occurs, the previous paradigm is eliminated, making way for the new. Statues are torn down, buildings and works of art are destroyed, people are slaughtered through riots and resulting famine, and religious revival (or dissolution) is often inevitable. History books are made to reflect […]

Using Colors According to Tradition

Using Colors According to Tradition

While it has become more and more commonplace in other Christian traditions to allow ecclesiastical artwork (whether statuary or iconography, or even clerical vestments) to be done by the hands of the non-Christian, this has been largely avoided in the Orthodox tradition. I’m sure that there are a few examples out there to the contrary, […]