Iconography and the Art of Rewriting History

Iconoclasm and the Art of Rewriting History

Iconoclasm has aways been an integral part of revolution. When revolution occurs, the previous paradigm is eliminated, making way for the new. Statues are torn down, buildings and works of art are destroyed, people are slaughtered through riots and resulting famine, and religious revival (or dissolution) is often inevitable. History books are made to reflect […]

Using Colors According to Tradition

Using Colors According to Tradition

While it has become more and more commonplace in other Christian traditions to allow ecclesiastical artwork (whether statuary or iconography, or even clerical vestments) to be done by the hands of the non-Christian, this has been largely avoided in the Orthodox tradition. I’m sure that there are a few examples out there to the contrary, […]

The Confession of Gennadius

Gennadios II Scholarios of Constantinople

When Constantinople fell to the Islamic Turks in 1453, the Sultan Mehmed II sought to establish a new Patriarch of Constantinople that was to be both a political and religious office (as the Muslims saw little distinction between the two). In order to also prevent a desire for reunification with the Latin west (or any […]

The Events of the ‘Great Schism’

The Events of the Great Schism

Ever since the reign of the emperor (Saint) Justinian I (AD 527-565) — who attempted to drive out foreign invaders from the west and reunite the whole of the empire — the east and the west were being driven apart. After the invasion (by the Avars and Slavs) of the Balkan peninsula and the conquest […]